>Finished Project- 1940 Play Suit

>This little project was put away at the end of last summer, and while usually finishing old projects is a bit of a drudgery for me, this one was rather fun!
I made this play suit from a pattern from 1940- McCall 3645.

I found one South American inspired feed sack fabric last year but it wasn’t enough to make much- and by a stroke of luck I actually found two more of the same print on Ebay last year- and even though one is a bit faded in comparison to the other two I just count myself lucky to have enough to finish this project!  To make sure I could make it work I used a vintage fabric  I found at an estate sale in a solid white- probably a linen/cotton blend, to make the waistband of the shorts and the skirt, and used the feed sack for the skirt waistband-  then on the shorts I made a pocket and appliqued a bit of the print on top and edged a bunch of things in layered pink rick rack in a darker and brighter shade- kind of to tie them all together.  Instead of the bloomer look I thought that loose shorts would flatter me better, so I just didn’t add elastic.  They’re really fun to wear and very loose- feels like a short skirt but I don’t feel scandalous!

Another lucky find were the vintage buttons I used at the bodice front- they’re American Indian head novelty buttons in the perfect colors to match the fabric.  I know they really make no logical sense why they should go together (or why you’d have them in the first place), but they seem to work.

Kind of a neat extra thing, I took the pictures at the classic film actor Leo Carrillo‘s pool.  He built his place in the mid 1930s, so can you image the cool classic stars that sunbathed and swam here back in the day?  So fun!  I’m sure as a safety factor the pool is probably now no deeper than knee deep, but it still gives a fun impression of that really neat pool parties they must have had (he even has a huge outdoor BBQ on one side and a sort of covered hut with a bar and a fireplace on the other side of the pool).
Oh yes! And my hair is still curly from yesterday! Woohoo for perms making sets last longer- and I did my hair yesterday with Hot Sticks. That would have been unheard of in my pre-permed state!
Ok! I’m ready for Summer! :)

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