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Vote Now in the Photo Contest!

So many fabulous entries in the first ever Wearing History Photo Contest!  I’m so thrilled to see so many great outfits people made from Wearing History Patterns and styled from Wearing History Clothing!

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To vote:

“like” photos in the Wearing History Photo Contest album on Facebook. You may “like” as many photos as you choose! Shares do not count toward the total but feel free to share your favorites. Likes on the actual photo in the album on Wearing History’s Facebook page (not the shared photo) are what count towards the total.

The photo with the most “likes” wins the public voting portion of the contest.

“Like” totals will be tallied on April 14, 2015 at 10:00pm California time. The winners will be announced after the secret panel of judges let us know their consensus.

There are three prizes:
1st= $100 to spend with Wearing History
2nd= $50 to spend with Wearing History
3rd= $25 to spend with Wearing History

Good luck to all the entrants!

How overall voting works:
To make the contest fair, the judging will happen on two levels.

1) A pre-selected panel of secret judges. These judges are personally selected by me and their votes will be confidential. The judges will vote their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd favorites in 3 different categories. The 3 categories are Visual Composition, Creativity, and Styling. This is a PHOTO CONTEST, so we’re not judging your skill of sewing at all in this contest. The totals will be tallied for these three categories and placed for this voting method.

2) Photo voting on Facebook. Your photo will be uploaded to an album on the Wearing History page and the total amount of “likes” a photo gets will determine the placing for this voting method. “Shares” do not count for votes, but can share to help get the word out. The Facebook album goes up after April 4, 2015 (the close of submission date), so all photo entries have a fair chance and are up for the same amount of time.

When the winners of these two different voting methods are combined, it will determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners. Each of the two voting have equal importance in determining the final winners. The combined score is what counts!

The deadline for entering has passed. Please show your support for all these wonderful entries for the photo contest by voting!


Thanks to everyone who entered!  Good luck!


PSA- Smoot Sailing RTW Are Selling Out Again!

Hi everyone!
I just want to give you a heads up that our PRE-ORDERS of the next batch of the Smooth Sailing pants are already selling out in some sizes.

We only have 4 left in the 34″ waist, 3 in the 36″ waist, 1 in the 38″ waist, and 2 in the 40″ waist.
If you’re in those sizes, you really might want to consider pre-ordering, because we won’t get more for a while. And if you pre-order by Sunday, you get the extra 20% off!

We expect them to arrive late next week/early the week after and they’ll ship after then.


The BIG SPRING SALE! Wearing History on Sale!


Announcing the biggest sale yet!  20% off ALL Wearing History Clothing AND Wearing History Patterns!

Yes, all the new ready to wear clothing line is included! 

The discount has already been taken off of the clothing line items.  For the discount on patterns, use the code SPRINGSEW15

I have some yummy new fabric coming to make pretty new clothing line items out of, but I need the funds to keep Wearing History Clothing making new duds!  Shop with a discount to help me get new collection items for the clothing line that got Kickstarted last year :)

You can shop at both


New Dress Day! The Grace Dress from Wearing History Clothing


- – Already SOLD OUT.  Thanks, everyone! – -

I’m very excited to announce a new dress from Wearing History!

Inspired by classic film and colorful prints, the Grace dress is a mix of casual and modern that’s sure to be a hit.

VERY limited edition and handmade by my own little paws- this dress is currently only available in 3 sizes- Small, Medium, and Large, with one dress of each size.  Future availability will depend on if I can find more of the fabric.  But not to worry, because if you love the dress and you’re too late to grab yours, I will be releasing this dress in more prints in the future.

You can now shop here to grab your dress before they’re gone!