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Outfit Post: A “Modern” Me

I usually don’t post my “modern” outfits, but today I went to the Los Angeles Textile Show to hunt for future fabrics for the Wearing History Clothing line, and on the way home two baristas in a local cafe told me I looked “adorable”.  I mean, seriously, I was SO flattered I think I turned a shade of pink.

So I decided to share my outfit. Not because I think I’m “adorable”, but because I’m kinda in love with my duds.  I do like modern clothes, too.  Plus I took a kitty picture. And who doesn’t like kitty pictures?texout03 texout02 texout01

Outfit details:

Blouse- Meadow Rue
Pants- Brooks Brothers (thrifted)
Shoes- Vintage golf shoes (bought and cleats removed by my friend)
Necklace- New composed of vintage parts
Glasses- Vintage (found antiquing in Arizona)
Head Scarf- Vinatge



Outfit Post: Agent Carter Inspired at the LA Air Raid

Last night was the Great Los Angeles Air Raid, an annual fundraiser event in San Pedro, California.

I didn’t think ahead on my outfit at all, so the morning of I felt inspired to play Agent Carter, so pulled together an outfit around that idea.  The show has become one of my favorites.

IMG_5094 IMG_5098 IMG_5081 IMG_5080IMG_5079


Outfit details:

Hat, overcoat, and jacket- vintage.

blouse- me made.

pants- Smooth Sailing from Wearing History Clothing.


Outfit Post: Desert Vacation

My husband and I escaped for a few days this weekend.  Finally things had slowed down a bit, and we both really needed a break.  We got a really good deal on a hotel, so we were off!







For once, every single thing I wore was vintage.  I didn’t make a one thing I wore!  The dress has the most incredible snaps down the front.  They immediately reminded me of wagon wheels, so I had to wear my wagon wheel brooch!

I love 1930’s through 1940’s desert style fashion, so I brought this outfit with me to try to emulate the feel of one of my favorite fashion shorts-  Fashion Horizons, from 1940.  1940 was a good year for fashion in America.

 Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and Happy New Year if I don’t check in before then!



A Fashionable 1930s Wedding

The weekend before last we were fortunate to attend the wedding of our friends Robert and Ashley (of Miss1940sVintage).  They are quite the couple from the past- and totally immerse themselves in their chosen eras of the 1930s and 1940s.  When they announced that their wedding was “Garden Party Circa 1930s” themed, we were not in the least surprised.  Given the lovely and creative dressing of the vintage scene in Los Angeles and San Fransisco (as many of the guests came down for the wedding) , the guests relished in the chance to dress the part to celebrate the union of their friends.

The bride wore vintage, with a borrowed lucky veil which belongs to talented singer and pianist Sara, of Sara & Swingtime.  All of the bridesmaids are clad in gowns created by the talented custom couture dressmaker and Simplicity pattern designer Theresa LaQuey (whom I finally got to meet for the first time at the rehearsal dinner).  The bride and her bridesmaids were picture perfect and the setting at Forest Lawn looked like it was just right out of a real 1930s film!

The Bride looked gorgeous and her flowers were period perfect!  They were made by Sharlene of LA Deco Flora.  The bride’s makeup was done by the talented Katharina of GoForKat (who also did the makeup of several of my photo shoots for Wearing History patterns).

The groom and all his groomsmen looked impeccable in vintage morning suits.  The joy of the groom in this photo, taken just after the ceremony,  makes me happy.

And, of course, all the guests looked fabulous!

The talented up and coming music artist, Mary Simich.  Her outfit was created by her own personal couturier, Mr Tiny of Wacky Tacky.

All the old cars were parked in front of the church for a fabulous photo op.  Here’s my husband’s top hat he wore at our wedding is perched on top of our friend’s Packard.

Of course, when you get old cars together you sometimes get the…. unpredictable.  In this case, we watched some of the groomsmen and guests give a friend a push to get it started.

En route to the reception we had fun following our friend’s car and seeing two of the European visitors getting a kick out of riding in the rumble seat.

The reception was held at our friend, Nathan’s, beautiful Edwardian home.  Here’s some snapshots from the reception.

Guests listening to toasts.

My husband looking very distinguished in the library.

And hamming it up, as usual.

I wore a vintage 1930s dress I had held onto for several years, waiting for just the right occasion to wear it.  This fit the theme perfectly!  I made the hat to match by converting a horsehair hat I bought at the thrift store to a more 1930s style.

Many congratulations to the bride and groom!

Great Los Angeles Air Raid, 2013

Wow! It’s been about a month since this event! How did that happen?  Well, I’m a bit late, but here’s my favorite photos I took at an annual event in San Pedro, CA, at Fort MacArthur Military Museum.  This event is called The Great Los Angeles Air Raid and is a WWII themed dance and re-enactment that happens once a year, commemorating the time during WWII when they believed they spotted foreign aircraft over Los Angeles. Panic broke out, and in the end it was a weather balloon (or a UFO, depending on who you ask). You can read more about the real event here on Wikipedia.

This was my first time donning a real WWII uniform.  I was fortunate enough to come across an original British ambulance driver’s uniform. I guess you can tell where some of my heritage is from, as it fit me to a “t”!  We couldn’t find a helmet, and finding other parts of this uniform is proving somewhat impossible, so my husband and I made the hat to go with the jacket by looking at real WWII photos of women ambulance drivers.  I actually also have the matching overcoat, but for once this event was too warm to need it!  We all usually freeze at this event!

Here’s some photos of friends and I at the event.

Hope your week is going wonderfully!

Outfit Post: New 1940s Plaid Suit!

I’m so, so excited!  My Christmas present from my husband got here, and it has to be one of my very favorite vintage things I’ve ever owned.  He said I could pick out a couple things on Etsy for my gift, and I jumped on this suit from Raleigh Vintage.  It’s an early 1940s lovely wool suit- kind of like a tweed, with a thick weave in a bold red, white, gray, and black.  So yummy!!  I’ve always admired vintage suits, especially the “man-tailored” or “collegiate” style ones, so I’m very excited this lovely suit is now gracing my closet :)

I love how I can wear the suit open or closed- both look really authentic to the sporty look of the early 1940s,

My felt “envelope” hat is also new.  I bought it recently from Frock You Vintage in San Diego.

And a silly little close up.  I felt very “film noir” detective girl in this suit!

Now on my wish list, I would love to find a red tweedy wool jacket so I can mix and match a 1940s wardrobe, and a gray or red overcoat.  Someday!  For now, I’m just much too thrilled with my new to me vintage suit :)

Finished Project: Autumn Floral Smooth Sailing Blouse

I haven’t shared a project in such a long time!  I have had this finished for several months and already worn it a few times, but my husband snapped these photos on Thanksgiving so I could finally share the project with you!

My thanksgiving outfit was my new blouse from my Smooth Sailing pattern, paired with a jumper made from a vintage pattern several years ago, a me-made hair flower, Payless saddle shoes and white socks.  I’m so excited that my hair is finally long enough to style without having to do a wet set for curls!  My hair refuses to hold a hot set now that my perm has grown out.

Whenever I wear a dress or skirt with a lot of “swish”, I can’t help playing with it!  I’m like a little girl playing dress up.

I saw this fabric at Joann fabrics and instantly fell in love! I knew it had to be a Smooth Sailing blouse. I’ve worn the other two I’ve made so much that they’re starting to look a little ragged. The fabric is SO cute, and so appropriate for vintage! It’s a “premium quilting cotton” be DS Quilts Collection called “Richmond Floral Red”, but mine is really more of a dark pumpkin color with a little red tone.  I bought mine in the store, but it’s still available online here at Joann fabrics.

I paired the fabric with a blue piping for accent and little baby rick rack on the pockets.  I had stashed some great vintage plastic floral buttons for quite a number of years and had them up on my bulletin board- knowing that sooner or later the perfect fabric compliment would come along.  Well, it finally did, and now they have a home on my new blouse.


Just for kicks, gotta add this silly shot.  I can haz no skillz of a pin up. LOL!

Hope you had a lovely holiday!