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Thrift Score! Two Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

I’m so thrilled! Not only do I have a new friend/estate sale-ing/thrifting/sewing buddy who does vintage sewing and lives literally within walking distance of my house (HOW did we never meet before?), but we went on our first joint outing today and I found these two amazing sewing machines at a thrift store!  One is a hand crank with Egyptian style markings and the serial number dates it to 1917.  The other one is electric with a knee pedal and is from 1920.  I need to find tables for them, but seriously they are so beautiful- and not only that, they were 75% off the regular price at the thrift store! WOOHOO!

Aren’t the so beautiful?  Machines back then were a work of art!!

Have you ever found a sewing machine at a thrift store? Please tell me about it!

I also wanted to let you know that I finally have a Pinterest account.  You can find me here on Pinterest- feel free to “follow” me on there.  I have now enabled “pinning” from my blog.  Feel free to share, just please link back to me :)  Can’t wait to see your inspirations on there!


>And They Lived Happily Ever After…

>This past Saturday one of my very best friends got married!  Introducing Mr and Mrs Randy Hude!

You might recognize Addi as the beautiful model on the cover of the Bathing Beauty Swimsuit pattern, and shortly before she was engaged she was the bride at the fashion show I did last year.
She is a stunning classic beauty and her wedding had all the charm, uniqueness, and creativity you would expect from her- she is a sculptor, painter, and artist!

 Addi is a huge Phantom of the Opera fan, so for getting ready for her wedding what would be better than Christine’s dressing gown? She draped and sewed this gown for herself based on the dressing gown from the Broadway musical.

 I made her wedding gown and bolero for her based on a dress worn by the Andrews sisters in the movie Moonlight and Cactus.  We took our own take on it and made it from white silk taffeta with an outer layer of chiffon and wing “sleeves” appliqued with lace. As a rule I don’t do custom sewing but for Addi I made an exception.  This was the last of my custom sewing creations.

Addi’s going away outfit was a beautiful vintage suit with a matching jacket made in charcoal gray wool with bronze satin accents.  I love her matching shoes and the darling train case she carried with vintage luggage stickers decorating it!  Don’t they make a darling couple? And now off to relax in Hawaii and start their new lives together.
I  thought you’d all enjoy pictures of Addi- isn’t she a beautiful and stylish vintage bride?

>Vintage fun in San Diego

>Ah… the vintage fashion show was this weekend, so now I’m calming down a bit after all the prep and can post on my much neglected blog!  I’ll have pictures up of that soon, but for now I’ve got some fun ones to share :)
I hadn’t really had much of a chance to get all dressed up, but a darling friend came for a visit, so of course during her stay we had to take a day to get all dressed up and do some sightseeing!
She’s a big World’s Fair fan, so I figured I’d show her where the San Diego expo was.  We’re fortunate enough to have many of our buildings preserved in one area, Balboa Park, which is now a sort of Museum Row, so we toddled down there for some fun in the sun, all dressed for our excursion!  We looked in at the buildings where we could, pretended to be “ladies who lunch” and have yummy sandwiches on the patio of the Prado restaurant,  and saw a fun exhibit on San Diego Style at the Historical Society Museum, where they had some lovely things from the 19th century to modern day including two suits by Irene and Adrian.  Fun!  She’s wearing a lovely rayon crepe dress with beaded arrows, very reminiscent of Ginger’s dress in Carefree, don’t you think?  And I adore her little tilt hat, that I now call the “confetti hat” because of all the little triangles of colored felt attached to the veil.  I’m wearing a vintage two piece dress my husband found for me at an estate sale and a fun hat we found the day before at an antique store.

Next on our excursion was Hotel Del Coronado- a beautiful Victorian seaside hotel, which is where part of the Wizard of Oz and Somewhere in Time were written, and where parts of Some Like it Hot were filmed.  It was the perfect place for our summery pajamas! Hers are inspired by the New York World’s Fair and she had them custom made by NudeeDudee, and mine are my Farmerettes I made inspired from a 1938 catalog picture.  Since the first leg of her journey was made in LA where she went to the vintage expo and found a chenille beach cape, and since I also had one in my stash, we thought it was the perfect excuse to play dress up.  The beach was very, very windy, and I was amazed at the amount of warmth that those capes supplied! I think they need to make a resurgence!

Ah, what a lovely visit it was!  Hope you all are enjoying your week so far!