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>Wearing History Facebook- and a few photos.

>Hey all!
I’ve been so darn lousy at updating the blog! Sorry!
Things have been good, though- good and busy! I’ve been uploading at least five new patterns to the site nearly every day, including this little beauty from the 1930s.

I’ve been getting a few more photos of the fashion show we did a while ago, including a table with our patterns laid out and a great one of the Victory Hat pattern made up!

And also, if you haven’t seen my Wearing History facebook, you may want to check it out! I usually post notices when I post new patterns, love seeing the pictures people have shared of things they have made, and occasionally give a heads up on promotions (psst… there’s one up there for this weekend… go have a look).

After a long period of calming things down, I’m picking them up again and I’m working on a new multisize pattern that will be due out before next month, hopefully! Not letting the cat out of the bag yet, but it will be cute and summery, and in sizes 30-40 bust.  Keep your eyes peeled on this spot for updates.

And since I hadn’t taken any photos for a little while, here’s a few ones I took this week in a blouse I made recently from a thrifted vintage dress that had holes and one wearing one of my newest hat finds :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


>Beautiful Girls in Beautiful Clothes- a few sample shots


Here’s a few shots of some samples of our patterns on beautiful models at the Hobo’s Vintage Fashion Show!  Just a few for now, more may be trickling in after a bit.
Many thanks to Nicole Howell for including us in the show, Allison Berkwitz Barcenas and Joshua Curtis for taking pictures, and my lovely models- Katherine Wyman, Adalee Velasquez, and Tiera David!  They  made it happen!
Tiera is modeling Pattern No. 3011- the Late 30s Beach Pajamas
Kat Wyman is in our lovely Manhattan Melodrama 1930s Evening Dress pattern
Adalee Velasquez is modelling the 1940s Bathing Beauty Swimsuit pattern.  She made this version herself from our pattern in a cotton print with cotton solid accents.  Beautiful work!
And my beautiful cousin, Tiera David, is modeling one of our best sellers- the 1940s Sailor Girl Playsuit Pattern.  Isn’t she the cutest?
That’s all for now! I’ll be working on getting some more samples and shots soon!
To purchase patterns please visit Wearing History on Etsy
All photos are the property of Wearing History and Allison Berkwitz.

>Regency Tailcoat

>After spending most of the day yesterday neglecting my duties around here and spending hours and hours handsewing, I’ve got the front of the jacket together!  The body is basted so my husband can try it on and we can make sure it still fits well before I start with the lining and such, but we’ll see how it goes! Crossing fingers…
I’m already really pleased I added 1″ seam allowances on this thing.  This is NOT something I will want to revisit soon. For prior posts on the project see here, here, and here

I have spend an absolutely ridiculous amount of time on this so far.  I was nearly going cross-eyed yesterday! If anyone has the gall at the event to “critique” it, they’ll get a good punch in the nose.  Ok, maybe not- but definitely a cold shoulder a la Elizabeth Bennet.  I drafted up these patterns from The Cut of Mens Clothes and made three muslins to get it to the finished pattern.  My husband and I spent hours scouring the internet and books for coat lengths and found they were pretty much all over the place- so we’re leaving it to the wearers discretion.  This coat dates to the 1820s- and though I miss the wide revers like on earlier coats, Matt prefered the more tailored look to that of the Incroyables.  Maybe, some year, when I’m not sick to death of making a coat I’ll make him a 1790s ridiculous outfit.  I heart 1790s fashion- it was so bizarre.  Look at the fashion plates here by date.
I realized while I was working on this yesterday that I don’ have very good pictures, or pictures of every one of my Regency costumes up on my website.  I really should remedy that soon- my poor website has been so neglected this year.

In other news- the Etsy store has been updated this week with some fun goodies.  There’s a couple more vintage dresses and a few more patterns up! Yippee!

I want to put the word out for the new Etsy store that a wonderful friend just opened- Top Tottie Vintage.  She has some absolutely beautiful things and they just seem to be flying out of the door!  I already bit the lure and purchased this knitting magazine from her this morning- and quickly, since a few other things I loved of hers sold very quickly.  Take a peek! She’s got some glorious McCall patterns up. 
I didn’t get compensated for this mention in any way.  Apparently the goverment now requests that you disclose if you do get compensated for posts, and unless I mention it in the future all reccomendations here are just because I feel like it and I’m getting nothing monetary for their mention.  Silly new rules.

>Sewing, sewing, sewing!

>First off, thank you all SO much for your super sweet comments on my Queens of Vintage nomination! Hooray!  You are all so very sweet, and I was very blessed by your encouraging comments :)

I’ve had a few sewing projects up my sleeve! After a while of not having an excuse to make something silly, nonsensical, or on a whim, I whipped up two quick projects in the last few days.

After finding some awesome dresses for the Etsy store, I realized I needed a light colored petticoat to photograph them with- my bright orange or black and polka dot skirt just wouldn’t cut it, so I whipped up this little off white petticoat in an evening using fabric and lace I had in the Stash of Doom.

I used Simplicity 3813, which I actually have up in my etsy store right now.  I didn’t follow the guide for the ruffles, however, and just made mine up out of straight lengths of tulle edged in a narrow lace.

Last night’s project was a fun wrap dress made from McCall 3514, from 1955.  I actually bought this pattern especially for the fabric.  The print is called “Housework Whenever” from In the Beginning Fabrics.  When it arrived my husband actually asked if I designed it! Hehe- guess it’s very “me”.  It’s printed all over with vintage gals like shown in old ads with funny sayings like “A clean house is a sign of a broken sewing machine” and “When I learned how to sew I forgot how to cook”. So fun!  For trim I have another fabric from that collection that I cut into bias strips and used for the pockets. The ties are trimmed in a twill tape printed to look like a tape measure that I picked up at a local quilting store, Fat Quarters.

I purchased this pattern from KallieDesigns on Etsy, and it has since become one of my favorites!

And finally, the project that never ends.  I put this down for a while because of Christmas prep, but I’ve been slowly ticking away at Matt’s Regency tailcoat.  The inside fronts are almost finished- which is good, cause I’ve got less than a month until the event and still don’t even have a ballgown for myself!

Guess that’s it here! Hope everyone’s having a lovely week so far!

>a quiltin' and creatin'

>Kind of like Feudin’ a Fussin’ and a Fightin’ but less athletic? (Dorothy Shay, the Park Avenue Hillbilly, how I love you).
My honey got me a quilt frame as a belated birthday present! Hurrah!  Just to please  my twenty-nine going on ninety status I now can quilt in front of the TV.  Oh yes, and I do, too.  We don’t actually have TV anymore, but DVDs do the trick.  I’ve been working away teaching myself to hand quilt on a Log Cabin quilt I finished last autumn.   Why is it that October equals quilt inspiration?

I feel so thankful to have already sold the little halter top I put up yesterday!  Woohoo! Inspired by my sale I started a project that will  hopefully be done and up tomorrow- and here’s a sneak peek.  Ok, back to sewing for me!

>Some changes and such


After a lot of thinking I have decided to discontinue my custom sewing services with the exception local clients in the San Diego area. I realize my fees can seem high when compared to purchasing ready to wear and in order to give my customers complete satisfaction I’ve decided to require fittings in person so that they can get the complete fit and feel of a custom made gown. I have removed my sailor play suit from Etsy- I had lots and lots of bookmarks but no purchases yet, and instead of making them when I receive orders I have decided to periodically offer one of a kind reproductions made from period patterns. I have had a lot more success on etsy with my vintage reproduction patterns and with original vintage items- and to be honest making reproduction clothing when you’re not sewing for yourself is a lot of work! I often undercharge because although I have pretty much figured out my body’s little quirks and such that it’s really difficult to gauge time for patterning for others- and more often than not bodies are more complicated for fit than simply bust-waist-hips. I realize that not everyone is as nit-picky as I am- but if I make something custom I really want to make sure that it’s perfect- especially if I have my name on it! Occasionally when I will put up a repro dress the cost will actually be less than dealing with custom orders because no additional pattern changes will be made and the item will be available for immediate purchase.
It’s been a hard decision to make- having gone to school for fashion design I still dream of someday being able to have my own line- but I have come to terms with my shortcomings. If I can hire seamstresses to create a line from my design it will be a lot more exciting and productive than my sitting and sewing the same design over and over. For me the joy is in the creation- not necessarily creating the same thing over and over. So someday, if I get a financial backer, there may be a Wearing History clothing line with dresses to order at costs that are less than a one woman show doing everything from start to finish.

>Cigarette Pants and a New Suit!


Well, I tried my hand at cigarette pants over the last few days. I have always adored the look Audrey Hepburn has in Funny Face when she’s dancing in the philosophical bar. I made these from Butterick 7557- the pic above is not actually of my pattern, but is the same number. I bought mine from Selvage Shop on Etsy. My first shot were the gray ones, but being that gray isn’t really my color I made some dark denim ones today and like those MUCH better. I have a heck of a time finding pants that fit or even making my own, so I made up a muslin, then had to fix and fix and mark them up, and still had some tweaks on the final pair, but by the time I made the denim ones I knew what to do. I’m actually quite pleased, but the hardest thing is going to be finding shoes and tops to wear with them. I want to make a top like on the cover of the pattern, but I’ll have to wait until I find the perfect stripe- I’m actually thinking pink and gray would be really cute, which is funny in itself because both of those generally aren’t my colors. Here’s a couple of really dorky pictures of me wearing the pants.I also grabbed my husband to take a shot of the cute suit he bought me for our anniversary! I just love it- it’s a black and white check and looks very Lauren Bacall to me. It’s probably early 50s and is by Colony Casuals of California. How fun is that name? I love the pleating on the skirt- I added one close up so you can see the pattern. Please forgive my makeup-less hair messy self- I’ve been cutting out plaid on the bias today on my hands and knees and usually don’t care that much if I’m put together.

And I guess as a last thing I uploaded some things over the last week or two to the etsy store so here’s a little widget with a preview. I’ve got a few more things coming- hopefully I’ll start my vintage magazine destash in the next few weeks.
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