A Talk with Worth About Clothes- August, 1913

A Talk with Worth About Clothes, 1913

It seems like Worth is all the rage in the historical costuming world right now!  Cynthia of Redthreaded just made the amazing Ironwork dress, and Cathy Hay is known for recreating the Oak Leaf Dress and other Worth creations.  I’ve heard rumors of other friends looking to recreate Worth gowns within the year.  How fun!

This interesting article from the August, 1913 issue of McCall’s Magazine, was written by the head designer of McCall’s patterns when she interviewed Jean-Philippe Worth, the son of the founder, who assumed some of the responsibilities of running the company and designing after his father’s death in 1895.

This article gives insight into M. Jean Worth’s design process and what his thoughts are about clothes.  He does make a few generalizations we might not make today, but on a whole I think you’ll find the article a fun little read.

At the end of the article it asks for suggestions for the House of Worth for designs.  Wouldn’t it have been fun to enter that contest?

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A Talk with Worth About Clothes, 1913

A Talk with Worth About Clothes, 1913


Are you a fan of the House of Worth?  Let me know your favorite gowns in the comments!

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