Update: Wearing History Clothing

Hello! I thought I’d share a quick update on where I am with the process of starting and launching the exciting new Wearing History Clothing line!


THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to take my surveys!  Your responses to my surveys helped me to narrow down my decisions for the first collection.

Like usual, responses and preferences varied, but I’ve got a general idea of what everyone’s looking for and wanting, so now I’ve started the creative process of designing some new pieces, as well as adapting a few of the current sewing patterns to the new specs and sizing.

Through my years of doing Wearing History Patterns and reading your blog posts, convos, Facebook posts, etc, I have found that the cuts of authentic vintage sometimes need to be adapted to our current bodies and proportions. All Wearing History Clothing will be based new “blocks”, drafted by me to meet modern proportions and the new sizing specs.  My clothing isn’t going to be “vintage reproductions” straight from vintage patterns and the reasoning is very simple.   I’ll still have the same awesome vintage style, and I don’t want the fit to be too modern, but I also want to make sure the clothing is practical and comfortable, but still vintage looking.  I’m drafting all of these myself, based on these new blocks, but keeping the wonderful styles that we all appreciate with original vintage clothing.  Drafting all my clothing from the same blocks has an extra little perk- all clothing should have a similar sizing across the board.  That way, there’s less guesswork in what sizing you are-  if you’re a “small” in one dress, you’ll be a “small” in another one, for example.  It drives me nuts when sizing in an individual brand varies from piece to piece, and I’m going to try to cut down on that where I can.

I’ve got some extra exciting updates:

Firstly, Wearing History’s getting a new headquarters.  I’m going to be moving operations to the next town over, where I’ve got a little spot I can use to run this new venture for Wearing History.  It’s a big step, but a super exciting one.  It’s all part of the red tape to get through in California to start an apparel company, but once I’m there and I’ve got all my registration through the state, I can actually start getting the ball rolling with production.  Woohoo!

Secondly, I’m SUPER excited to say that there’s an extra reason my clothing line will be extra special.  My clothing will not only have awesome style (well, at least I think it’s awesome, and I think you will, too!), BUT I’m in the process of getting that little extra incentive for you guys to jump on board with me on this project.

What’s the number one thing in your mind that makes original vintage so desirable?  For me, it’s the amazing fabric prints.  So, that’s right, I’m custom designing a one of a kind print that will grace the first collection.  It’s based off of a CRAZY AWESOME original vintage print I’ve been hoarding for years with just this idea in mind.  In fact, I went full on battle mode on eBay just so I could hoard it for this very purpose.  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!

But, you can’t see any of the designs, or the print, until my kickstarter gets launched.  Neener neener.


I’ve got a snazzy new web page.  I even added an “About Us” page, if you want to read more about my vision.

So, what’s next?

I’d say we’re a good month and a half at least until I can get the Kickstarter going.  I’ve got to get all my ducks in a row with the state first to become a legit garment industry business (since I do hobby sewing patterns and vintage collectibles now, the standards are very different).  Plus, I’ve got all sorts of leg work to do here in the background before we can start production.  Phew!  It’s a lot of work!  But it’s SO AMAZING that I’m finally getting to go for my dream!

YOU ALL ARE AMAZING.  Thank you so much for being so supportive!




17 thoughts on “Update: Wearing History Clothing”

  1. I’m so excited for you! I’m wondering, based on your first few paragraphs, are these new patterns going to be wearable without stays and other period undergarments? Is THAT what’s happening?! If so, hallelujah!

    1. Hi Kristina!
      Yes, that’s the goal! I know I don’t wear girdles or vintage bras in everyday life :)
      Of course, if you wanted to, you could. But the blocks are based on a modern professional grade dress form, so period undergarments are entirely optional.

  2. I am SO excited!! I am absolutely thrilled that your clothing will be made in USA. That is wonderful. I will be one of your customers, without a doubt. Congratulations on your plans!!! :-)

  3. I’m excited to see this all come to life for you. Keep at it and before you know it you’ll be revealing your first collection.
    To add on top of that, you’ve been a bit of an inspiration for me personally. Reading on what you are doing and making your dreams a reality is helping me to get my butt in gear and focus in on what it is I want to do with mine and a friends little hobby selling vintage accessories.
    Can’t wait for the next update!

    1. I’m so thankful that pursuing my dream is inspiring you to do the same! You can do it!
      Thanks for your encouragement! :)

  4. Oh my! How exciting!! It’s so great that you are doing this. I love your patterns and can’t wait to see what your clothes will look like!
    -Viola :)

  5. Gosh, it sounds like a lot of work to get started, but after reading your post at the turn of the year I’m so thrilled for you that you’re getting to turn your dream into reality. Having seen some of the fabulous things you’ve made for the Historical Sew Fortnightly, I’m sure your clothes will be wonderful!

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