I Need Your Input! To Help Me Make What You Want, Take My Survey!

Wow, everyone!  I am so blessed and thankful for your response to my dream!

Knowing you are behind me makes all the difference.  If I didn’t have the support, it wouldn’t go forward.  Last night I was brought to tears at the responses.

In order to best plan my time and endeavors, I really need your help.

Please help me out by taking this survey.  I have created it so I can better understand what is needed and wanted.

Click here to take the survey


Since a few people were asking, I will answer a couple of questions.

I have no plans on discontinuing my patterns at present- all the current offerings are staying up on my Wearing History Patterns website.  Since I can’t develop both sewing patterns and a clothing line at the same time, my energy will be aimed at getting the clothing line designs started and the Kickstarter campaign up at present.

The Wearing History 1910s Suit Sew-a-Long is still happening!  I’ll be doing those posts at the same time as I prepare for my first clothing collection.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to do plus size clothing at present.  I am not trained in drafting and making plus size clothing, and adapting the patterns and designs to plus sizes in the future will be dependent on if the initial clothing line takes off, since I would need to hire people to help with that.  I’m not saying it will never happen, it just is outside of my personal skill set, so I won’t be able to offer that at present. I’m very sorry, I wish I could, but I don’t have the training to sure I would make a high quality garment for plus sizes.


5 thoughts on “I Need Your Input! To Help Me Make What You Want, Take My Survey!”

  1. Did it! :) I am a little disappointed to hear about no plus sizes, {because it feels like no one does them} but I’d rather wait for something that fits wonderful than for something mediocre.

  2. Plus sizes are not all that difficult, there are a couple of things you need to think about but its quite doable. I´ve done it and would be glad to help you out if I can. Feel free to contact me. :)

  3. This survey is impossible to fill out for me because I only sew my own clothes- so once I say “no” I don’t buy vintage inspired clothes I can’t fill out very many of the other questions.

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