Finished Project: 1930’s Polka Dot Blouse

I’m trying to finish up a few little UFO’s before the New Year, and I just happened to have this one finished in time for the Historical Sew Fortnightly’s “Celebrate” challenge.


The pattern I used was an NRA (National Recovery Act) era pattern, which puts it between 1933 and 1935.  I altered the sleeve a bit, but otherwise it’s as the envelope shows, the version at the top with the short sleeve instead of long sleeves.

I was a bit lazy, and sewed it up to the size the pattern is in, even though I know it’s too big for me.  I figure with the ties, the shirt can be tied in.  I’m somewhere between the dress form size and the original pattern size.  Because it’s a bit large, I was also lazy and didn’t bother with a placket- so it just slips on over the head, then ties to fit.

The fabric is a poly chiffon I bought at an estate sale for $5, and for the hem I did a little zig zag and trimmed away.  It was a pain, but I like how narrow of a finish it is.  I’m not very good at rolled hems, so this was a good choice for me.

Here’s the HSF required info:

The Challenge:  “Celebrate”  Last challenge of the year!

Fabric: Poly chiffon

Pattern: Simplicity 1676, an authentic original 1930’s pattern

Year: 1933-1935 (NRA period)

Notions: Thread

How historically accurate is it? Not very.  The fabric is not accurate, and the finishing is a mix between vintage and modern.  The cut is authentic, of course, since an original pattern was used.

Hours to complete: Maybe around 10-12ish.  Chiffon is fiddly!

First worn: Not yet!

Total cost: Somewhere around $40, including pattern cost.


6 thoughts on “Finished Project: 1930’s Polka Dot Blouse”

  1. This is just lovely. I really like the way the shoulder extends both into the sleeve, and into the tie. Nice touch.
    I think the envelope is quite pleasing, too. Very nice illustrations, and the way the back view sketches are incorporated is quite nice.

  2. This is so perfectly 30s! And I will say that I noticed the very tidy hems, first thing. I don’t envy you all the work, but it is very well done and worth the effort. :-)

  3. The blouse is gorgeous! And what a perfect fabric! I wish I could sew with chiffon…. I tried it once, but lost my mind during cutting (!) so obviously; it is proper-seamstress-fabric and not for a newb. Someday, though ;)

  4. I love it!! The chiffon is so gorgeous, and even though it’s a modern fabric, I think it really keeps the flowy, feminine 30s vibe. You did an amazing job!

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