Early 1930s Evening Gown Made from Loretta

Believe it or not, I had this sample finished probably around two months ago but could never get the time together to take photos!  Well, finally, here she is!

This is the evening gown version of Loretta- 1930s Day & Evening Dress, which is available in size 32 or 36 bust as a Resto-Vival pattern.

This pattern is typical of the very early 1930s (I found newspaper clippings inside the original pattern that were dated 1931), as it’s a midpoint between the loose fit in the torso of the 1920’s and the tighter fit in the hips of the 1930s.  The rows of tucks at the waist create a bit of a shape at the sides, but leave the center front and center back loose.  This pattern has an optional side bow. I’ve shown it here with and without the bow so you can see the potential in this lovely old pattern.

I especially love the look of the long pointed style lines on the skirt!

You can find this pattern here on my Wearing History Patterns website.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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  1. What a gorgeous dress. I like the waist detail and with the bow. How nice to find the newspaper clippings within the pattern. Were they of anything interesting?

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