An Unusual Find in a Pattern Envelope

 This evening I started the mad task of organizing my personal sewing supplies as well as things to be listed on Etsy.  I came across this pattern in a bin of patterns to sell and thought, “hmm… this seems awfully thick for such a slim dress.”  I wasn’t sure what I was going to find… wads of newspaper pieces?  A mystery pattern inside this one?  I had seen both before, as well as scraps of fabric, bits of thread, notes, but this was a new one!

A whole mock up of the dress bodice, complete with hand basted seams and darts!

Maybe the maker was paying attention in Home Economics during the “Patterns for Smartness” film.  I swear, I learned more from this clip than I did in fashion school about assembling patterns and making mock ups!

Have you had any unusual finds in pattern envelopes lately?

And did you learn anything new from the video? It’s one of my favorites :)


15 thoughts on “An Unusual Find in a Pattern Envelope”

  1. I bought two patterns from the same esty store that had fabric samples pinned to the front. It was pretty cool to know what the original seamstress had chosen for making up these two patterns!

  2. I love that video! I had seen the ending and never knew there was an informational first part. I actually did learn something from it :)

  3. Future owners of my patterns will see the same thing. I’ve taken to making mock-ups of everything I sew and use them as the pattern pieces. No fear of the pattern ripping.

    1. Great idea to trace onto muslin! I often do that myself if I am draping something on the form. Saves a step, and horray for saving the old patterns from ripping :)

  4. What a neat find! I’ve mostly just found notes, but I always think that’s interesting.

    I haven’t seen this video before, I’m definitely going to watch it all when I have time! I love the idea of a “know how” look. Hee.

    1. I love finding things in envelopes! It’s so much more fun. Sometimes I think I forget about the “past lives” of patterns, so it’s fun to find the little reminder :)

      I’m so glad to introduce you to it! It’s a great video, and the beginning is a hoot! :)

      P.S- all your knitting has inspired me, so I’m finally trying it again! You’re so inspiring with the things you make.

  5. Wow – an entire muslin! Very impressive. :) Most commonly, I’ve seen pieces of fabric and handmade pattern pieces cut from interesting newsprint (1940s are the most interesting) tucked into patterns. But the most memorable item I’ve ever found in a pattern was a letter. I think it was from the 40s or 50s at the latest. It was written by a man (presumably to the seamstress), pleading his love, apologizing for all his failures, and begging her to reconsider her rejection of him. I’ve been tempted to share this in my blog, because there are no names or revealing details, and it came from an estate sale (so the seamstress is sure to have passed on), but sometimes it just seems so private. I am sure she tucked it in the pattern, confident it would be safe from prying eyes there. Oh the angst in that letter!

  6. What a cute video! I wasn’t actually planning on watching the whole thing because I don’t know anything about sewing, but I really enjoyed it and I feel like I learned a lot! I’ll admit that learning to sew still seems really daunting, though!

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