The 1939/1940 Vogue Outfit

I want to take some more photos of this at a later time, but I wanted to share this outfit I wore (very briefly) at Costume College on Sunday.

I made the blouse for this ensemble because I saw a similar outfit in a 1939 issue of Vogue magazine that I wanted to imitate.  It was made using a vintage McCall blouse pattern from 1940.  The red scarf belt was made of silk which I had made for a prior outfit, but it worked out perfectly.  The shoes are ones I purchased several years ago by FarylRobin (the style is called Canary).  The glasses were recently purchased from ASOS and are very reminiscent of the ones on the July 1939 cover of Vogue magazine.  The skirt is vintage and was bought from Top Tottie Vintage.  The purse was a recent garage sale find.  The necklace and earring set is new and was bought on Ebay.

I hope to get more photos of this blouse soon, but my friend Ginger of Scene in the Past blog took this shot and the staircase was perfect for the late 30s streamlined look so I had to share :)


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    1. Thanks! I’ll have to look in my stash and see. I’m sorry, I have been a bit scattered since I posted this. Will find soon :)

  1. I just turned deep green with envy. So, so stunning! I wish I had your sewing skills. Reminder to self: practice, practice, practice.

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