What Real People Wore: Swimsuits, 1926

Today I’ve got some fabulous inspiration to share from one of my favorite vintage finds ever!  This comes from a scrapbook kept by Eva Kaplan- Class of 1927 from South Philadelphia High School.

Here’s some terribly adorable photos taken in  August, 1926, with handwritten captions by Eva.

And on the back of this last photo, it says:

Ah, the good old days! Just goes to show  you, our perspective of photos of ourselves hasn’t changed much in the last 80+ years!


10 thoughts on “What Real People Wore: Swimsuits, 1926”

  1. Interesting their use of slang. “rub it in” and “strut your stuff”. It’s neat to see we still use these phrases almost 90 later, even when others have gone by the wayside.

  2. Oh, Lauren,
    Those photos are wonderful. Is there anyway you could come up with a swimsuit pattern just like the ones in the pictures. I think it would be really nice to be able to sew one those swimsuit. :)

  3. How gorgeous! They are so sweet.
    And I think that they look waaaay more glamourous than the bikinis of today. Absolute dolls ;)

  4. What I find fascinating is how modern their attitude and style seems–especially if you compare them to what women wore only 10 years earlier. Wow, what an amazing generation!

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