TV403- We Can Have Buttons!

Last night I finished up my facings, made my buttonholes and sewed on my buttons. It’s just about wearable now, but I still want to add more trim if I have time.

The buttons are vintage or antique ones I picked up at The Vintage Marketplace, a shabby chic/vintage flea market that happens a few times a year where I have a booth.  Luckily there are a lot of buttons, because I still need to make two more buttonholes and buttons!

Next up: hem the skirt and add trim.  I most likely will not be posting more pictures of this until after the event, but you won’t have to wait long as it’s less than a week away!


7 thoughts on “TV403- We Can Have Buttons!”

  1. Bravo ! The costume is so beautiful and these buttons are pieces of Art !
    In case you’re still looking for old buttons :
    I’m French I’ve just put a few old and vintage buttons on line if you want to check you may want go on my shop
    there’s a link ! Sophie

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