Busy, Busy, Busy- and Lots of Sewing

I’ve been a bad little blogger! I’m around, but I’ve been frantically working on some projects!

First of all, I finished up one of the two vintage gowns I’m making that I spoke about in the Hollywood Inspiration post.  The other one is all finished except for some trim.

Then I madly started making the new Truly Victorian bodice, TV403, the 1872 Vested Bodice.

And because I’m just *that* crazy, I am making it out of a giant plaid.  But check out my skills of a plaid matcher- that’s a front with two darts, a side piece, a side back piece, and a center back piece with a seam down the center. Next up is cutting the two piece sleeve.

I’ve also been doing crazy things like making neat little handstitches on things that will never be seen (not even by me) because it’s sandwiched between two layers of fabric!

Here’s hoping it actually gets done in time.  I’ve still got work on my classes I’m teaching to do, too! Eep!


9 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy- and Lots of Sewing”

  1. You are a MASTER!!! I have a hard time matching stripes on a straight seam…hahahahaha!!!! I can’t wait to see all of it, but especially the Hollywood glamour gowns!!!!

  2. I love that plaid and the pattern!! I am trying to finish up an outfit that I am doing for the VPLL 1912 project and it is all in plaid. There is something twistedly satisfying about making them match up perfectly:-)

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