A Jane Austen Evening, 2012

This weekend was the wonderful Jane Austen Evening event.  This dance is an annual affair in Pasadena, Ca. I had the pleasure of attending again this year with some friends. I took shamefully few photos, but wanted to share some of the ones I took!

Here’s our little group shot.  Some of the ladies have blogs, including Beth at V is for Vintage, Katherine at The Fashionable Past, and Loren at The Costumer’s Closet.  If any of the other ladies pictured have blogs they would like linked, please let me know and I’ll edit the post to add them :)

I wore the same dress I wore last year, but I decided to add a nice shiny trim under the bust and created a new turban hat.  I also got to wear my newly finished short stays- and I must admit I’m a convert! I love short stays and if possible won’t go back to full stays!

My friend, Vanessa, made this scrumptious gown styled after one in the Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion book.  She even hand attached all those pretty spangles and appliques!

I love this photo with Katherine and Beth. I wish I had gotten better photographs of their gorgeous dresses.  Katherine hand embroidered her lovely white gown (and sewed it all by hand), and Beth based hers on one from the Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion book. I love the trim and the cameos, and all the lovely ruffles.  Hopefully they will both post yummy shots on their blogs for us to drool over.

My poor hubby got sick so wasn’t able to attend, but we visiting the San Diego Maritime Museum the next day so we got to extend our dress up fun for an additional day.  Pictures forthcoming…


18 thoughts on “A Jane Austen Evening, 2012”

  1. Looks like a grand event with smashing ladies. Any gentlemen Red Coats in attendence?

    Now that you have worn the short stays I wonder if you would consider a short review.

    I would like to see your thoughts on it compared to a modern bra. Specifically in terms of shaping and support.


    1. Thank you! There were various officers wandering about, looking quite smashing. Unfortunately my photos of them did not turn out well!
      I’ll make sure to do a follow up post about the stays :) I wouldn’t personally wear them in lieu of a modern bra, but they really worked for me to get the period shape :)

  2. Someday I’m going to have to try making the short stays again because I haven’t worn Regency in so long because of not having anyone to get me into the long stays. I’ve mainly depended on my bodiced petticoat, which has worked pretty good. But I’d love to hear more about yours.
    Fabulous dress and turban!

  3. Love the attention to detail in tailoring these wonderful dresses if you aren’t designing for adaptations or plays I think you should. I have featured your blog on the Jane Austen Centre Online Forum with links so everyone can see these lovely designs themselves.

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