2011 Sewing Year in Review

I’m a tad late with this post this year, but here’s my recap of my sewing projects accomplished this year!  Click on the images for links to blog posts or pattern listings.


Regency Sari Evening Gown, 1950’s Plaid Blouse, and Green Gaberdine Smooth Smooth Sailing Trousers

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WWII Factory Coveralls, finished the samples for the Palisades Wrap Dress and the 1930’s Jumper Dress patterns, made myself the Eva Dress 1940 Bathing Suit,


1930 Eva Dress Street Frock, Vintage Fashion Library 1930’s Blouse for the Common Thread Project on Sew Weekly, the Tea at Two dress Pattern Sample and a matching jacket to wear on top, and a 1950’s Egyptian print blouse.


A 1940 Play Suit.  I was puttering away at bigger Victorian projects, including this bustle dress which was finished later but I have yet to take proper photos of.


New samples for the 1930’s Halter Top and Beach Trousers pattern and the Smooth Sailing pattern, an 1880s bustle era hat, and finished up an 1880s bustle dress I had been working on for a while.


A late 1860’s elliptical hoop and bustle pad, and modified a previous years project of a 1940’s crop top and skirt so I could actually wear it.  I also finished my Edwardian lace gown around this time.


1940 World’s Fair inspired dress, 1930’s Dinner Gown from an Eva Dress pattern, and a Natural Form Victorian Mourning Gown.  I also finished a white Victorian gown inspired by Tissot that I have yet to take proper pictures of.


A 1920’s Dress (I forgot to post about it on the blog. Oops?), and a 1930’s Sailor Dress.


Not a thing! I took a sewing break.


A 1950’s Petticoat.


New samples for the 1930s Jumper Dress and the Victory Hats patterns, the chicken dress, and the almost a Thanksgiving dress.


A 1940’s Jerkin,  two samples for the 1940’s Apron pattern, a 1930’s tweed skirt to go with a vintage blouse, and a green corduroy 1930’s skirt.  I was planning on posting these skirts later as outfit posts, but now will do ;)  I also sewed another apron as a gift, two crochet hook cases as gifts, and a 1940’s velvet party dress, which I have yet to take photos of!

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my sewing projects this year.  More so than in years past.  Although I didn’t sew quite as much as I did in previous years I’m overall much happier with the quality of my finished work, as I took care to finish garments well on the inside. My serger was broken most of the year, which is how I usually finish my seams, so in lieu of that I finished seams of most garments in more traditional ways like french seams, bias bound edges, rayon seam binding, or pinking shears.  I see a big change in my sewing throughout the year, and I’m yearning to go back to some more historic costumes in the near future, as well as make some more vintage basics.



18 thoughts on “2011 Sewing Year in Review”

  1. What a wonderful collection of garments. Over the past year I have discovered more and more blogs and often forget who made what, even though some garments really stand out. Your 1930s dinner gown is definitely in my top five – it’s just amazing. Have a wonderful 2012.

  2. Firstly a Happy New Year to you. And then congrats to your marvelous work. Love it all, but the 1930s green dress is my absolute favourite. Can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2012. :-)

  3. What a great post idea! I try to keep an album of all my sewing projects (dressmaking and quilting alike). It’s amazing to look back and see how much you’ve accomplished!

  4. With my eyesight failing me I more or less have had to put sewing away for a while. My sister was supposed to bring me my sewing machine, that didn’t happen either! I would possibly kill someone, or at least cause grievious bodily harm, for something made by you!

  5. What a lot of fabulous items! My favourite is the 1930s nautical dress. I’d love to see more pictures of it.

    You make me wish I sewed more 20th century clothes. I’d get so many more complete outfits done if it was all 30s and 40s!

  6. They all look great, Lauren. I think the coveralls are my favorite. After that it has to be the 1930’s jumper that I really want the pattern to. Someday, I have tons of projects I am currently trying to make heads and tales of.

    Anyway, awesome. Love it!

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