Smart Summer Apparel, 1910s

When rummaging through some of my paper ephemera I came across this beautiful pamphlet I had completely forgotten about!   It’s undated, but it’s probably from the 19-teens (I’m guessing 1915-1918ish).  Here’s a few images, and I’ll follow up with more later.  It’s really cleverly designed.  It opens up to the two dresses here, then opens again to another layout, then to a very large layout.  Kind of like unfolding a map, but with pretty dresses inside!

Click on the image above for a larger version to read the descriptions.

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7 thoughts on “Smart Summer Apparel, 1910s”

  1. I say 1916 too! It’s such a funny period – so many quirky details on the odd silhouette. The feathered pinwheel hat is the funniest of all. It looks more like a costume than real dress!

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