For Golden Days on the Beach, 1934

Mmm!  Summer swimwear! And 1930s swimwear at that! I thought you might enjoy welcoming Summer with these couple of pages from a 1934 catalog.  It’s almost impossible for me to choose a favorite from this page… A! No, G!, No, H!  Ok, I’ll take them all ;)

Check out these bathing caps!  Notice anything unusual?  Is that a marcel wave bathing cap I spy?  The “Bathing Beret” is also quite fun.  And check out the straps on the second pair of bathing sandals!

Not to neglect the kiddies- they’re looking pretty darn cute in their swimwear, and the adjustable straps on the “All-Wool Zephyr” is pretty cute!

Pretty please, won’t someone make a modern swimwear line and borrow these lines from the past to satisfy those of us who long for cute one pieces with an old timey twist?  And heck, sign me up for a marcel wave swim cap, while you’re at it, too.


16 thoughts on “For Golden Days on the Beach, 1934”

  1. I thought you were just being indecisive. I thought I could choose a favorite, but A, G & H are amazing!

  2. Yes, please! somebody make them and make them reasonably priced. I was at the mall a couple days ago and could not believe how much they were charging for such itty bitty pieces of fabric! Gack!

  3. Lands End has some lovely swim suits–not cheap, but mine has lasted for years and the fit is fantastic. I met a woman at Iowa State University this spring who interned there and helped with the design and fit of the suits. They had real women come in and get measured so that the suits would fit real women, not just models. Many in their catalog are vintage/retro looking, and many are modest.

  4. They’re all so pretty! The “deep sun back” and the last one, with the adjustable straps, are my favourites…with a Marcel wave cap, please!

    How I do wish there were suits that looked like this available. These are quite chic and sexy!

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