>Winter Coats and A Ginger Rogers Snowsuit- Fall/Winter 1936-37

>I’ve been a bit behind on everything this week, but I wanted to share a fun page from a fall and winter 1936-1937 catalog.  I especially love the sailor style Ginger Rogers snowsuit!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


10 thoughts on “>Winter Coats and A Ginger Rogers Snowsuit- Fall/Winter 1936-37

  1. >yes, i totally agree, something like that scores really high on my list of vintage wishes. i also like the short jacket next to it.

  2. >I love the short jacket! Very sporty, and the colors are awesome. I can't wrap my mind around a ski suit with nautical styling…it's so incongruous!

  3. >Oooh! All those giant fur collars… *sigh* So glamorous! I'm with Meg on the snowsuit–I don't quite get how the nautical thing (which is traditionally a "summer" look in civilian clothing) goes with snow… Hmm… Not that I'd pass up wearing it (being a bit mad for anything nautical), but it's still a rather odd combination. Thanks for sharing these!♥ Casey | blog

  4. >I thought the lapels on the Lady Grey coat were huge, but these are even bigger!! Seriously considering making the collar out of faux fur now,Thanks for the inspiration :)