>More Progress on the Regency Tailcoat

>Two steps forward, one step back- but at least I finally have the sleeves set! I did add a little padding to the sleeve cap to give it volume, but after seeing it on the form I think I’ll take it out.  I’m pretty happy with it, even though it’s being a complete bear!  Mostly lining to finish now plus buttons and buttonholes.  Our event is two weeks from tomorrow and I still don’t have his vest finished or a gown for myself!


7 thoughts on “>More Progress on the Regency Tailcoat”

  1. >It's looking great. Yes, men's frock coats have to be the hardest thing to make. Aaron's coats just about kill me. The good thing is that they do get easier each time you make one.

  2. >Thanks, gals! We'll see… I already started looking through my books for inspiration for my frock. I am much more looking foward to playing with silk than doing lining. Booooring!At least the tails have been secured. Lining, buttonholes, pocketflaps, and I'm done! Yay!

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