Moderne Pattern- Instruction Correction


A wonderful customer brought to my attention that the Moderne pattern instruction pack was missing a page of instructions.

If you previously bought the printed pattern or e-pattern, you can download the missing page here.  It is one page in PDF format.  Print it to “fit” on the page (not 100%, if you’re using A1 paper).

Thanks, everyone.  Sorry about that.


Video Blog: Post-Kickstarter Update + Tips for Aspiring Designers

I have a little video update I put together to talk about some of my personal and behind the scenes lessons learned through the whole Kickstarter process.

If you’re an aspiring designer looking to start your own line, or currently self employed, maybe some of this will help you out or ring true for you.

And if you’re an awesome Kickstarter backer of mine, or someone thinking of buying one of my designs through my website, this will hopefully let you know what sort of things go on behind the scenes of a clothing line startup.

Don’t forget to shop my clothing line and share my website with your friends!



Wearing History Clothing Updates!

Hi Everyone!

I want to let you in on where we are in the process!

Firstly, I have good news! I picked up  the FINISHED FABRIC for the Maisie Dress, the Norma Jean Blouse, and the Scarf/Turban today!!!  We can get in queue for those to get made now that we finally have the finished fabric in hand.  I’m not quite sure as to the estimated date I’ll get them back, but I’m really hoping to get these back around the middle of next month.  Thank you so much for being so patient with those garments!

And for photo proof..


Secondly- we’ve gotten the first finished garments back!! HURRAH! I picked up the finished Ruthie Blouses and Victoria Dresses today! I will start shipping those this week, to people who pledged for those items alone.

So my little car has done a lot today.  Here’s boxes of finished garments plus other things I picked up


Thirdly, because it’s come up a few times- I need to clarify something. Because shipping was complimentary as a perk of the Kickstarter, that means that if you ordered a package with more than one item, your rewards will ship when ALL items for your reward are finished and in hand. So, say, we shipped out tote bags a few weeks ago, but if you ordered a tote bag and scarf, we’re still in process on the scarves, so once those are finished the two will be shipped to you together. Hope that makes sense :)

Let’s see… what else… I’ve been running around like a crazy lady since the Kickstarter ended, so I know there’s much more!

Ah!  The Smooth Sailing Trousers are currently being made.  And, because I heard feedback, I have added more sizes.  So you can find sizes 24″-32″ waist here, andsizes 34″-40″ waist here on my website.  I have very limited amounts of the larger sizes available, so if you’re interested I suggest pre-ordering :)

And lastly for now, I now have tee-shirts available on my website!  Even though we were over the initial kickstarter goal, we did run over budget, so these tees were created to help us get over the little road bump (which I hear is quite normal for starting something like this!).  We have both the WHC Eagle, and the Wearing History Clothing palm label available.  These tees were made in the USA, printed at a local indie screen printer, and use eco-friendly inks.  Plus, they’re super soft and comfy and come in Women’s sizes Small-2XL.  I have men’s ones, too, but haven’t had a moment to get those on the site yet.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

Thanks, all!




Free Knitting Patterns- 1902 Ladies Vests

Hello!  Happy Monday!

I’ve got a great little freebie for you today.  I am sharing two ladies vest patterns from Dainty Work for Pleasure and Profit from 1902.


There are actually two vest patterns included, but only one was pictured, which is the one above.

It was a little too tricky to post all the images here for the pattern, since there were several pages, so I compiled a little PDF e-pattern you can view, save, and print here.  Feel free to use it for yourself, or use to make presents. .  Since I took the time to scan in original source for free,  the only thing I ask is that you don’t re-sell the pdf.  Thanks :)

Don’t forget that antique needles were different than modern needle sizes, so check out this conversion chart to find out more.  It looks like these would be about a size 3, but you should make a swatch to figure out what would work best.

Happy knitting!

New E-Pattern Day! Elsie- WWI Era Blouse



Somehow, in the midst of my crazy clothing line startup work, I’ve managed to get a new e-pattern finished!

From a vintage original, I have multisided this pattern to include sizes 32″-48″ bust.  You can find the new e-pattern here.







The clothing line is coming along quite well!  I can’t believe I forgot to post on my blog that we MET THE GOAL!!!  YIPPEE!!!!  So I’ve been working my little butt off getting things going.

If you pledged, I’ve been giving weekly updates via Kickstarter that should be arriving in your email inbox.  If you’ve missed them, you can go check them out here, on the Kickstarter updates.

Thanks  a bunch everyone!


1821 Fashions for November

Hello!  I’m peeking my head up for a moment from the crazy amount of work I’m doing on Wearing History Clothing to do a new blog post!


I was very fortunate to have gone to an AMAZING estate sale about 8 years or more ago.  It was a textile collector who lived in an old farm house.  One of those things you dream about!  Well, she had a four poster bed piled high with Victorian clothing, but I was particularly drawn to one book shelf which held volume after volume of bound years of Ladies’ Magazines… including Peterson’s and Godey’s.  Unfortunately, at the time I was pretty darn broke, and put myself in financial strain by buying four of them for… get this… $25 a piece.  Aah!  I know! Such a steal!  Why do they always come up when we shouldn’t be searching for treasures?  There were probably about ten of them left behind.

I got one Natural Form era one for one of my best friends, and there rest of my three for me- including this Lady’s Magazine from 1821.  It’s the earliest in my library which pictures actual garments (I have a sadly disintegrating one from 1800 with no  fashion plates, so it’s not as interesting to picture on the blog).

Well, it’s taken me that long to finally share a few of the images.

So, from nearly 200 years ago, here’s what was posted in the October issue of the magazine- featuring fashions for the next month.  You can click on the images for larger versions you an read and look at more closely.


oct2 oct3


And a little closer in so you can see the great detail of these plates.

oct4 oct5

Hope you enjoy them!